About us

In the past eight years the WMS Group have gone through a programme of consistent expansion and now boast a network of  over 3,000 approved independent and franchised UK car, motorcycle, LCV and HGV dealerships.

We provide comprehensive sales and compliance training within the  FSA framework, priding ourselves on helping dealers to maximise profit margins, retain customers and improve cash flows.

The Group umbrella now comprises: Warranty Management Services (WMS), Vehicle Guarantee Services (VGS), Freeplay, Used Vehicle Warranty (UVW) and award-winning consumer satisfaction scheme  Safe and Sound, which is endorsed by Sir Stirling Moss. If you are a dealership interested in becoming part of our network, please contact us to discuss your business requirements.


  • 4 levels of  car warranty and van warranty cover
  • 4 levels of dealer  car guarantee and van guarantee cover
  • Safe&Sound cars customer satisfaction scheme
  • 5 levels of motorbike warranty cover
  • 30 days free car warranty cover
  • 3 levels of HGV warranty and coach warranty cover
  • 6 levels of breakdown recovery
  • Alloy wheel and tyre warranty
  • MOT warranty insurance cover for cars, vans and motorbikes

WMS Warranties and VGS Guarantee

Our car and van warranty products range from the basic 2* cover for vehicles purchased over £1,000 (covering the engine, gearbox, drive system, electrical, brakes, steering, cooling system and casings); through to our comprehensive 5* cover for vehicles up to 5 years and 60,000 miles at inception. The 5* plan covers all of the mechanical and electrical items, plus wear & tear can also be included for an additional premium. Periods of cover available for car and van warranties range from 3 to 36 months with claim limits ranging from £200 per claim to the original vehicle purchase price and will include parts, labour and VAT. We also offer some fantastic incentives for vehicle buyers such as receiving 50% extra cover free of charge when upgrading to a longer term.

Rescue & Recovery

We have six levels of breakdown policy available for all cars, vans and motorcycles up to 3.5 tonnes including UK cover; European cover; commercial vehicle recovery for all commercial vehicles up to 16 tonnes and Mobility products for electric wheelchairs and scooters. Our breakdown products will include roadside repairs and assistance, home assistance and relay as standard.  Periods of cover available are from 3 to 36 months with up to 6 call outs per year permitted.

Combined GAP/RTI

Return to Invoice (RTI) will pay the financial shortfall between the original invoice price and the market value in the event of the vehicle being declared a total loss following accidental damage, fire or theft. In addition, if the amount required to settle the finance agreement is higher than the original invoice price, finance GAP will pay the higher figure. GAP/RTI is available for all cars up to 10 years and 100,000 miles at the time of claim, with claim limits ranging from £5,000 to £20,000.

Further product information

WMS warranties, also known as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), are available for FSA registered dealerships. VGS products on the other hand are for non-FSA registered dealerships – this means that dealerships will need to be signed up as Appointed Representatives of the WMS Group to begin trading with us. All of our warranty products automatically include European cover, vehicle recovery, car hire, overnight accommodation & rail fare and the opportunity to apply for transfer of ownership. Maximum claim liabilities indicate the amount we will pay per claim, with no restriction to the number of claims permitted. Unlike most warranty companies, we won’t apply an excess if a claim is made either. Please note that all of our policies specifically exclude service or ancillary items.